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 i am looking for my grandad.

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Number of posts : 2
Registration date : 2011-03-31

PostSubject: i am looking for my grandad.   31/3/2011, 18:14

hey there, my name is anna and i am from germany. i dont know if you can help me. i think it might be quite difficult.
my mum has been adopted. she never found out who her real father was. (her mother was german)
her mother only said once that my mum has been adpoted and that real father a british soldier was. she never spoke about it again in her whole life.

so i guess he got her pregnant and went back to the uk.
there used to be a picture but not anymore. i have never even seen it. and i dont know a name.
i only know where my grandma used to live (berlin spandau plus the adress) and that she got pregnant around october 1945 when my grandma was 32.
i know its not much information.
i think its kind of sad that i have relatives here somewhere and i might never find out.

thank you for helping me!

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Let Gen
Let Gen

Number of posts : 1291
Localisation : Sutton Coldfield
Cap Badge : RAOC
Places Served : Dad, Hamburg, Bad Oeynhausen, Iserlohn, Bury, Osnabruck, Worcester. Me Detmold, Bielefeld, NI, HK
Registration date : 2008-01-03

PostSubject: Re: i am looking for my grandad.   1/4/2011, 11:12

Hello Anna, Sadly I suspect we are not going to be able to help here with so little information. I wish we could

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Number of posts : 2
Registration date : 2011-03-31

PostSubject: Re: i am looking for my grandad.   1/4/2011, 11:16

hey jim!
yes i thought that too. its not enough information. and i guess the person will not be alive anymore anyway.

thank you anyway.

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Number of posts : 208
Age : 78
Localisation : Peachland British Columbia, Canada
Cap Badge : Black Watch of Canada
Places Served : 4 CIBG Soest and Werl 1957-1965, Camp Borden, Camp Gagetown
Registration date : 2009-06-04

PostSubject: Re: i am looking for my grandad.   1/4/2011, 20:54

Since it happened after the war was over, there may well be some records of her birth. If you know her last name and the address it may be possible to cross-reference what little information you have. (Would anybody know if the military government of whatever zone she lived in would have a record of birth?)

You've probably already tried that, but I thought I would mention it anyway. Unfortunately that was a very common situation in those days.

Good luck with your search.
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Maj Gen
Maj Gen

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Localisation : Merseyside
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Registration date : 2008-10-30

PostSubject: Re: i am looking for my grandad.   1/4/2011, 23:58

Anna, There is an organisation called Trace that searches for American fathers of children born in the UK to British mothers during the war.

Is there not something similar in Germany that can help? I have tried to google and see if there is a website but can't find anything in English. There are some articles from newspapers that report similar problems but don't have links unfortunately.

The only thing I could suggest is that if there are any elderly relatives left then ask them what they know if anything. It was obviously a very difficult time especially for the German people but even the slightest bit of information can help.

We don't care so much about the "scandal" these days but the older ones are still reluctant to talk about it so you have to try and push them into talking if possible.

Good luck and I wish we could help you. Everyone should know their roots and "extended" family and it wasn't your mothers fault or come to that your grandmothers.
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PostSubject: Re: i am looking for my grandad.   

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i am looking for my grandad.
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