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 When some bugger puts laxitives in the range stew

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PostSubject: When some bugger puts laxitives in the range stew   23/1/2008, 00:00

I remember one horrific incident (horrific in the 'Christ I need to shit right now' sense as opposed to the macabre), when some twat put laxxies in the range stew dixxy. They didn't take effect for around 2 hours, by which time my troop were haring down the battle run. I literally shit myself in my cab. I had to flick on the safety switch to stop the co-ax, open my hatch and slide out down the glacis plate and then fight my coveralls off. I wasn't the only person risking his life for a dump that day. As I looked over to the Tp Sgt's panzer, all four of them were out and down the side.

Strangley enough, I miss Hohne ranges. I have absolutely no idea why.
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Let Gen
Let Gen

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PostSubject: Re: When some bugger puts laxitives in the range stew   24/1/2008, 10:51

Someone did that on an exercise "Ice Breaker" back in '73 JT, either that or the food was just plain poison. Took the whole Bde HQ out for 48 hours.

Not a fun time, out in the woods in January at -4C
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PostSubject: Re: When some bugger puts laxitives in the range stew   25/6/2008, 14:28

I've had some times up on the Hohne ranges,and as a gunnery instructor my hearing suffered accordingly.As we are on the subject of "stews" remember once,self being an expert on wood mushrooms,I collected a box of Pfifferling,considered a delicacy here,had the cook put 'em in the stew,the boys said "whats that in the stew"?,having been told all refused to eat as they reckoned it would poisen them.I think they were surprised to see
me on the firing point the next day,the stew was delicious but only the cook and I ate it!
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PostSubject: Re: When some bugger puts laxitives in the range stew   4/9/2016, 20:30

Talking of army stews which were not always bad, especially on a scheme in feb/march
A certain l/col Algae sent main cookhouse in hohne to start prep for stew and was caught
Boiling his under pants in a pot next to other items on cooker, senior cook Sgt physically punched him to floor and also put him on a charge , whilst serving on hot plate at mealtime
A certain sapper Jones pulled him across hot plate and broke his nose
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PostSubject: Re: When some bugger puts laxitives in the range stew   6/9/2016, 12:50

Unusual for a cook to be washing his smalls, maybe it was "Johnboy"?
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Let Gen
Let Gen

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Places Served : Germany, Egypt, Cyprus, CFS Alert and some other strange places
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PostSubject: Re: When some bugger puts laxitives in the range stew   7/9/2016, 04:43

When I first went into cooking, I remember the instructor saying, " One does NOT do their laundry in the kitchen pots". Time went on, never saw it in the Army. Get to running the bake shop in Stony Mt. Pen and I come in one day and had to enquire WHO was the supreme A** H*** boing his whites in the steam kettle. Great big Indian lad who incidentally made very good bannock. So we had a heart to heart talk about sanitation and other interests. He was a good lad and smartened up.

I remember in the Sinai Desert our dohbie man boiled the snot out of our Indian bush. Hard on it, but clean.
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PostSubject: Re: When some bugger puts laxitives in the range stew   

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When some bugger puts laxitives in the range stew
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