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Maj Gen
Maj Gen

Number of posts : 784
Age : 87
Localisation : s. yorks
Cap Badge : RA (ns) RA, R.Sigs, RE ( TAVR)
Places Served : Oswestry, Tonfanau, Woolwich, Osnabruck, MT School Bordon, Bulford, Manorbier, Hameln, R.Sigs Blandford, RSME Chattenden, Western Highlands.
Registration date : 2011-04-26

PostSubject: THANKLESS TASKS   18/7/2011, 17:12

The strange ways of the military to put brushes & cleaning rags into idle hands
are often aired, particularly by NS lads. When conscription was in being, there could be more squaddies than tasks, jobs had to be found for them, two men had to be nominated to supervise one who worked. But then some tasks were necessary.....

I'd been shipped into 16 Lt. Ack Ack to make up numbers. No matter that they had no radar, on which I'd been trained, the roster was now correct. Even then I was an odd ball, I'd turned down chance to go to SHAPE HQ in Paris because it was clerical work....soldiering was about fighting & killing, not pen pushing, I fancied an open air life. In his wisdom, the Battery Commander decided I'd be useless on a Bofors, I couldn't operate a 19 set, I didn't ride (one of his passions was horses), so I'd go in the office. Protesting was useless, the interview terminated with a sharp reminder of my lowly status before the BSM hurled me out of the office into the corridor.

The chief clerk wasn't happy, I couldn't type, I didn't know the Army's format for drafting letters by hand but, like a good NCO he found me a job. Liz had been on the throne for nearly a year, someone in War Office earned his pay by decided that every ref to a male monarch in King's Regulations had to be amended to Queen's Regs. Dozens of sheets of paper told precisely which bits required amending. After two weeks, I picked up the lot and chucked it in the waste paper basket & stormed out. If I'd been in UK I'd have gone over the wire. In BAOR I couldn't escape, I had to crawl back. But the point was made, within a month I was out & finished the year on a Motorcycle Instructor's Course at Bordon.
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Stephen Lock
Maj Gen
Maj Gen

Number of posts : 937
Age : 64
Localisation : Calgary
Cap Badge : Pads Brat
Places Served : Father -- Canadian Army. Served Hemer, Soest, and Wetter
Registration date : 2007-12-28

PostSubject: Re: THANKLESS TASKS   9/8/2011, 21:19

Well, of course, someone had to change the regs. These days, I imagine, all it takes is for some computer type to enter a code or whatever and whamo-bango, all necessary changes are made from 'this' to 'that'....some sort of editing program or somesuch.

Given the era, and your reaction to this admittedly mind-numbing work, I'm surprised you weren't dragged out to the parade square or wherever and summarily shot....possibly with staple guns! Or flogged with Gestetner paper! (remember those Gestetner's? I do. Loved the smell of fresh ink on the copies.....)
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PostSubject: Re: THANKLESS TASKS   9/8/2011, 23:17

Cartav.....Was there anything that you were good at???????????? Sleep
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PostSubject: Re: THANKLESS TASKS   10/8/2011, 06:04

Gordon. wrote:
Cartav.....Was there anything that you were good at???????????? Sleep

Peeling spuds in the cookhouse, perhaps? Laughing
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Number of posts : 3009
Localisation : Camberley
Cap Badge : Royal Artillery
Places Served : Troon, Lippstadt, Devizes, NI, Paderborn, Dortmund, Colchester, Belize, Canada, Cyprus, Gutersloh
Registration date : 2010-10-26

PostSubject: Re: THANKLESS TASKS   10/8/2011, 07:25

I think cartav might be a reincarnation of Gen Jim! Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: THANKLESS TASKS   

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