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 Future of NATO if EU 'creates It's Own Military

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Number of posts : 228
Age : 72
Localisation : Essex UK
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Places Served : 11 Sigs Vimy 'C' Catterick Nov 1963), 224 (Radio) Sig Squadron Garrats Hey, Quorn Leics( Jan-June 1964), 16 Sigs Bradbury Barracks Krefeld July-Oct 1964), 28 (BR) Sigs St Tonis & 4 Squadron, Tongeren (Cafe Maddy) (1964-1968), HQ UNFICYP Nicosia 6 month tour (1966), HMS Jufair & Hamala Camp Bahrien, 223 Sig Sqn (Radio) Winchester, Norn Ireland, HQ Northag Kolsas Olso Norway, 11 Sigs Helles Lines Catterick, Civvy Street 1977, Retired (Grumpy Victor Meldrew 2012)
Registration date : 2012-07-15

PostSubject: Future of NATO if EU 'creates It's Own Military   9/10/2012, 00:42

If the EU (European Union, herein known as Pays De L'EU-SSR, EU-rine Land) decides that it can, will and must create it's own Army, Air Force and Naval Service, what would the role of NATO be? confused

Would it be a rival to NATO, and could it actually be sustainable if NATO is strengthened with new EU States joing EU-rine Lands irrevocable march eastwards into the old Warsaw Bloc states and the Russian's sphere of influence, or southwards to 'invite, bribe & cajole' North African states around the Mediterranean basin to become 'Associate Members of the EU?'. Shocked

What would Blighty's role be in all this. Our Illustrious political elites like to volunteer the British Military to 'war fight' and be 'boots on the ground' if things blow up somewhere. Mr B'Liar desparately wanted to be a 'War Leader' like G Dubya Bush Junior, and our current ToryCon - Lim-Dem coalition apppear to want to be likewise. Our Foriegn Secretary, Willy Vague seems to ramp up his bletherings and dribblings a tad from time to time about what is happening in Syria.

But I jest about all the above. it won't happen, and I am just getting a tad 'Conpsiracy Theorists' and cynical in me old age. scratch study

Last edited by unclevanya on 9/10/2012, 00:45; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : Late O 'Clocl Again, Dyslexic Keybaord & Nurse Olga hasnae made ma Cocoa yet!!)
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Number of posts : 208
Localisation : Southern Alberta, Canada.
Cap Badge : 14th/20th Kings Hussars - KRH
Places Served : In BAOR : Hohne,Berlin and Munster.
Registration date : 2011-06-23

PostSubject: Re: Future of NATO if EU 'creates It's Own Military   9/10/2012, 01:06

.......IMO its not going to happen Shocked
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Number of posts : 2808
Age : 77
Localisation : Sandbach Cheshire
Cap Badge : RA/QOH
Places Served : JLRRA (Hereford) Nienburg Paderborn Colchester Munster Maresfield (Cyprus) Hohne Hemer Op Banner x4 Woolwich
Registration date : 2010-03-02

PostSubject: Re: Future of NATO if EU 'creates It's Own Military   9/10/2012, 08:43

With half of the EU about to crash and burn I'd've thought forming a EU force would be the LAST thing on their minds.
The Germans and the French could afford to team up of course but that would just be silly.
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Number of posts : 209
Cap Badge : R.E.
Places Served : Farnborough, Hohne, Ulster, Berchtesgaden,Chatham..
Registration date : 2012-04-29

PostSubject: Re: Future of NATO if EU 'creates It's Own Military   9/10/2012, 08:52

It's just the moves to a 'world army/police force' that's been planned by the NWO for ages.

They call it "the international community" and more often than not, get the UN to 'rubberstamp' it.

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LE Maj
LE Maj

Number of posts : 785
Age : 69
Localisation : near Cuxhaven
Cap Badge : Royal Signals + Royal Engineers
Places Served : Verden-Aller + Willich + Iserlohn + Hameln
Registration date : 2010-02-14

PostSubject: Re: Future of NATO if EU 'creates It's Own Military   9/10/2012, 09:08

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Number of posts : 279
Localisation : Glesga
Cap Badge : The Jocks
Places Served : Everywhere.
Registration date : 2012-09-25

PostSubject: Re: Future of NATO if EU 'creates It's Own Military   12/10/2012, 17:13

Now,why would Europe want to have its own form of NATO when NATO itself has worked for decades.Is this the Germans and French getting above their station in running things their way.The UK should step out of the EU and stick with the biggest police force in the world,the US of A.I would feel a lot safer with the Americans than the Europeans beside, me bearing in mind, their very small contribution in Iraq and Afghanistan.Methinks it is about the UK being dragged in to being the bank rather than the armed forces mixing it with Europeans on a larger scale.
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Number of posts : 105
Localisation : Bristol
Cap Badge : Royal Signals
Places Served : Iserlohn, Herford X 2
Registration date : 2010-12-16

PostSubject: Re: Future of NATO if EU 'creates It's Own Military   15/10/2012, 10:01

European Army?, the German's will want to be in charge, the Spanish will talk about it, the Greeks won't pay for it, the French will loose it, the Italian's will run away from it and the Brit's will say say Feck this for a game of soldiers, we will fight em on the beaches and in the bars!!.
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PostSubject: Re: Future of NATO if EU 'creates It's Own Military   

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Future of NATO if EU 'creates It's Own Military
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