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 UK Barracks Refference

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PostSubject: UK Barracks Refference   UK Barracks Refference Icon_minitime5/1/2014, 15:08

Firstly, thanks for allowing me on the site which is very impressive and especially informative. It was mentioned on a Face Book page. however we have searched for a UK equivalent of this site and have been unable to find any. Therefore I was wondering if the originators and/or Admin of this site would or could add to this site or make a UK related site.

I fully realise that security would be an issue but that could be avoided by publishing pictures of barracks which can currently be seen by the public from the road etc.

Many Barracks and camps in the UK have disappeared recently including my own Depot at Northampton. Nothing remains of it, as it now has a housing estate on it.

This site is a great historical and reference site, just a shame that there is no UK version.
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Let Gen
Let Gen

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PostSubject: Re: UK Barracks Refference   UK Barracks Refference Icon_minitime5/1/2014, 19:08


Thank you for your kind words

Cuxhaven Steve, supported by a very small support team, runs this site virtually singlehandedly. He is able to keep the Forum ticking over but we have a vast backlog of Historical Information to add once we can solve a number of complex technical problems resulting from an enforced change of website host a few years ago

Unfortunately we do not have the resources to do as you suggest, indeed to expand this site to include the UK would dilute if not destroy the original aims
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UK Barracks Refference
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