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 In the Nick

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Maj Gen
Maj Gen

Number of posts : 969
Age : 84
Localisation : Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada V2S 7C5
Cap Badge : Royal Signals
Places Served : Catterick (1951) - BAOR (1952 -1954)-(Herford - Bunde - Munster) - Japan (Kure) - Korea (Pusan - Seoul) - Cyprus (Nicosia) - Suez Op (1st Guards Brigade) - UK (63 Sigs Regt TA, Southampton)
Registration date : 2008-06-30

PostSubject: In the Nick   11/1/2014, 01:09

Just been having a chuckle over my Grand Uncles Military Crime Sheet as logged in his Troop, Battery and Company Defaulters Book dated 6 October 1882 - 3 November 1883.

Len (Ciphers)

13 Months of his service covered.

653 Private Daniel Cocklin, East Kent (The Buffs) Regiment.

Enlisted 3 October - posted to Regiment 6 October 1882

Date Offense Punishment

20 Nov1882 Absent from barracks 20 - 24 Nov Admonished

14 Dec 1882 Causing a disturbance in barrack room 10 Days CB

2 Jan 1883 Absent from parade 4 Days CB

12 Jan 1883 Drunk and creating a disturbance
in barracks 7 Days CB

17 Jan 1883 Absent fro Defaulters Parade 7 Days CB

4 Feb 1883 Drunk in street - bad language to NCO 14 Days CB

2 Mar 1883 Absent from Coal Fatigue 2 Days CB

4 April 1883 Carelessness and laughing in the ranks Admonished

24 Aug 1883 Making an improper reply to an NCO 10 Days CB

28 Aug 1883 Dirty and drunk 3 Days CB

1 Oct 1883 Speaking improperly to Commissioned
Officer Admonished

3 Nov 1883 Drunk in street (Civil Police - Civil Court) 21 Days Hard Labour

14 Dec 1883 Causing a Disturbance after Tattoo 10 Days CB

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Number of posts : 228
Age : 72
Localisation : Essex UK
Cap Badge : R Sigs
Places Served : 11 Sigs Vimy 'C' Catterick Nov 1963), 224 (Radio) Sig Squadron Garrats Hey, Quorn Leics( Jan-June 1964), 16 Sigs Bradbury Barracks Krefeld July-Oct 1964), 28 (BR) Sigs St Tonis & 4 Squadron, Tongeren (Cafe Maddy) (1964-1968), HQ UNFICYP Nicosia 6 month tour (1966), HMS Jufair & Hamala Camp Bahrien, 223 Sig Sqn (Radio) Winchester, Norn Ireland, HQ Northag Kolsas Olso Norway, 11 Sigs Helles Lines Catterick, Civvy Street 1977, Retired (Grumpy Victor Meldrew 2012)
Registration date : 2012-07-15

PostSubject: Re: In the Nick   11/1/2014, 11:02

Ah, yes the things that soldiers (and other service people get up ). I don't come from a military background, but my dad and my Grandad were commissioned during the First War, and Second Wars. the only person who let things down a tad was little old me. A couple of offenses that lost me seniority as a Corporal - oh the shame of it. I never did any jankers but it was enough to be on Guard Duty or as a RP Corporal that I didn't want to end up in the nick as a sus.

It seems that boredom, then drink was the downfall of many a soldier. sailor and airman to go off the rails at times, and end up in the Guardroom or Military Nick. I have never gone back into my family histories to find out if there were any more who took the Kings shilling or the Queens Shilling during Victorian times - no doubt there were a few.
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Number of posts : 3008
Localisation : Camberley
Cap Badge : Royal Artillery
Places Served : Troon, Lippstadt, Devizes, NI, Paderborn, Dortmund, Colchester, Belize, Canada, Cyprus, Gutersloh
Registration date : 2010-10-26

PostSubject: Re: In the Nick   12/1/2014, 12:33

Len, my wife's grandfathers conduct sheets are a bit similar, he has a few incarcerations for AWOL. It is interesting to note that in those days, instead of having your "Nick time" added on at the end of service, you went down a snake and started again - effectively you could have served 12 months but not have any accumulated service! It couldn't have done him any harm as he finished up as RSM of the Lancashire Fusiliers!
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Lt Col
Lt Col

Number of posts : 314
Cap Badge : RAOC
Places Served : Bicester-Soltau-Canada-Kineton-Paderborn-Osnabruck (Inc Gulf 1) Donnington-Civy Strasse.
Registration date : 2008-10-22

PostSubject: Re: In the Nick   12/1/2014, 16:45

My regimental 'rap sheet' read like a short novel, which is why at the 15 year point I was refused an LS&GC. Looking back I think I Joined to young, I was an immature headstrong 17 year old who knew it all and as a result had many regimental entries including three spells in nick, I'm talking local nick not MCTC. First with 16 Bn RAOC Bicester, then a year or so later I spent a couple of weeks in 45 Regt RA nick at Hohne, later a short spell courtesy of 2 Coldstreams at Fally. The worst was 45, they had me wearing a highly polished silver tin lid and I would often be seen carrying a bloody great shell around!
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PostSubject: Re: In the Nick   

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In the Nick
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