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 Bad Oeynhausen

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PostSubject: Bad Oeynhausen   Bad Oeynhausen Icon_minitime22/11/2018, 14:31

Hello, close family members of mine served in the Royal Signals in Bad Oeynhausen from around 1949-1950. In particular I am trying to find a woman (ATS/WRAC) who was assigned to work in the Signals unit in 1949, and who was discharged sometime between August and December 1949. I'm told there would have been maybe 40 women working in this unit around this time, and I'd be very grateful if anyone could tell me where I could find a list of these, and especially their discharge dates as that will help me locate the person I'm seeking.
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PostSubject: Re: Bad Oeynhausen   Bad Oeynhausen Icon_minitime22/11/2018, 15:51

Hi Signalsdaughter!! I hope you have a name we can call you by?

I have feeling you are going have difficulty coming upon a name list of staff who were employed in the Signals. In fact finding lists of staff from that era is going to be difficult within Bad Oyenhausen which was a HQ Unit.

Do you have any idea if the Signals Unit had a name or number.? Any idea in the type of work done within the signal unit? Not all (ATS/WRAC) were involved in Telecommunications work.

Some of our busy team maybe along later to advise on actual units listed at Bad Oeynhausen at that period in time.

Good Luck with your search!


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LE Maj
LE Maj

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PostSubject: Re: Bad Oeynhausen   Bad Oeynhausen Icon_minitime23/11/2018, 18:39


Can supply a list of ATS Royal Signals units in Bad Oeynhausen Garrison for the end of 1948, this the limit of my research for the time being, sorry cannot help with tracing personal.

Headquarters Auxiliary Territorial Service Signals Germany
301 Telephone Switchboard Operator Section
305 Telephone Switchboard Operator Section
316 Cipher Section
317 Cipher Section
301 Telegraph Operator Section
302 Telegraph Operator Section
303 Telegraph Operator Section
323 Telegraph Operator Section
324 Telegraph Operator Section

If you go to

You will be able to download the Wire for 1949-1950 this may help

Best of luck with your research
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PostSubject: Re: Bad Oeynhausen   Bad Oeynhausen Icon_minitime24/11/2018, 13:14

Thank you for your replies. You can call me Ruth. To answer Alan's question, the Signals Unit in question (in Bad Oeyenhausen) in 1949 was the Rhine Army Signals Regiment, no. 2 Squadron. I believe the woman may have worked as a teleprinter operator. I don't know which ATS unit she came from, only the one where she was assigned to work (the men's Signals regiment).
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PostSubject: Re: Bad Oeynhausen   Bad Oeynhausen Icon_minitime21/11/2019, 15:06

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PostSubject: Re: Bad Oeynhausen   Bad Oeynhausen Icon_minitime

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Bad Oeynhausen
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