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 654 Sqd AAC DETMOLD 87/91

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Army Act Sect 69

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PostSubject: 654 Sqd AAC DETMOLD 87/91   24/9/2009, 14:59

hi all, just looking through the content here, some good memories coming out.
Have a few of my own whilst serving with 4 Regt AAC in Detmold. Firstly can,t believe my block now has a Lidls Supermarket on it!!!!.
Can anyone remember the BBC (Blue Beret Club) in the loft of the singlies block? Had some fun in there, in fact it was after one night in there and ONE bottle of beer (thurs 12th) that on the morning of the 13th (FRIDAY) I was warned for orders and then sent to the CO,s, where I was charged with stateing the false drinking on duty and the lesser charge of urinating in a fire apppliance was dropped. I got 14 days detention in the 4/7 gaurd room for that. For all of those that know about it i have only recently found the cpl that escorted me to Jail and very valiently stuck up for me at the time of me getting charged.
He has since told me that the charges "went too far" and that it was basically abit of a wind up etc etc that went too far and really i shouldnt of got jailed.
Another occasion was when we Swapped our number 2 shirts for the new style of KF shirts.
We had to drive to the PRI shop using landies from the sqn lines, anyway asked permission to get me new shirts got it from the MT cpl, had to wait until it got back from one of the other A/TPRS getting his shirts.
Got my shirts and got back to the MT where I was warned for orders and charged for get this "using a military vehicle for personal use" .
Ever get the feeling your face doesnt fit sometimes HAHA.
Apart from a charge sheet the length of my arm I had some good times in Detmold and am shocked to see the state of Hobart barracks now.
What I would dearly love to do is get hold of my military records and see about having some of them charges re-looked at and sorted out because 99% of them are made up trash. Anyone thought of doing the same or heard of anyone doing similar. would like to know.
If anything to stick two fingers up at Danny Walker (SSM) oh and the T**T of a cpl who charged me for cross bulking some avtur into a VOR bowser even though I told him it was VOR. see what I mean about shite charges.
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654 Sqd AAC DETMOLD 87/91
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