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 BAOR Intelligence Pool

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PostSubject: BAOR Intelligence Pool   BAOR Intelligence Pool Icon_minitime11/11/2012, 18:31

I Have been going over my fathers army records and found that he was posted to "BAOR Intelligence Pool" on the 2nd August,1945. Can anyone tell me what this would have entailed. My father was with the Cameron Highlanders. I had thought he had only served in France from 1939 to April 1945.
If anyone can give me any further information, I would be most greatful.

Dedicated today. To all the brave Men and Women who fight in wars ,to those who never returned and the loss to families of their loved ones.
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Let Gen
Let Gen

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PostSubject: Re: BAOR Intelligence Pool   BAOR Intelligence Pool Icon_minitime11/11/2012, 19:28


Cuxhaven Steve and I are currently researching details of the British Army in Germany in the immediate post war period and are slowly acquiring a fair amount of information.

I think your father must have a member of one of the Cameron Highlander Battalions who were part of the famous 51 Highland Division who landed on D Day and then fought their way across France and Belgium ending the War in the Bremen/Cuxhaven area where they were to remain until disbandment in Spring 1946. I have discounted 15 Scottish Division who ended the War in the Lubeck area as they had no Cameron Highlander Battalions.

Have not come across the term" BAOR Intelligence Pool" in the course of my researches but there are two possible options. Firstly there was an urgent need tin Summer/Autumn 1945 to screen the hundreds of thousands of former German servicemen (particularly SS) and Nazi Party Officials to identify those who had committed war crimes who by nature of their background and training should be barred from holding any post in the new democratic form of federal government being created by the victorious allies Your father might have been coopted/volunteered to join this organisation particularly if he spoke a foreign language. The other possibility that he joined T (Target) Force which was a military intelligence organisation seeking to discover items of both military and industrial knowledge which could be useful in rebuilding the shattered British economy.

Hope this of interest, if you send me a pm with details of your fathers rank and any other details you have of his service record we can continue the discussion privately.
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BAOR Intelligence Pool
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