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 Barracks in Schleswig-Holstein

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PostSubject: Re: Barracks in Schleswig-Holstein   4/11/2010, 02:33

JPW wrote:
Alan, Columbo

Thank you for your latest info

Quick response is

1 We can eliminate the Jewish Brigade from the equation, they were definitely in Italy in the time frame we are discussing. A Brigadier Benjamin, a Canadian Jew was however involved in the humanitarian work concerning Jewish refugees.

2. Not suprised by the fact that Columbo's Mom was confused by the British rank structure, it is/was a minefield to the uninitiated as we have discussed elsewhere on the site. As a Gunner WO2 Ernest would have been formally addressed or referred to as Sergeant Major Finch

3. The word Neuengamme struck a chord and I looked up my working notes. It was a concentration camp located in the south east suburbs of Hamburg. The first British unit there was the Recconnaisance Regiment of 53 Welsh Division but responsiblity for the camp (practically empty but subsequently used as an emergency shelter for Russian DPs then as a POW Cage for suspected SS Troops was handed over to 3 AGRA (Army Group RA) under command 8th Briish Corps. Units involved included 119 Light Anti Aircraft,190 Field and 165 Heavy Anti Aircraft Regiments RA
My internet source was a translation of notes by a possibly Belgian survivor of the camp

4 One further complication, I suspect Ernest Finch was an assumed name. Many in his situation either Anglised or totally changed their names when joining the British Forces for obvious reasons it could be therefore his true name was Ernst ????

I have one other theory regarding Columbo's mother's presence in the Eutin hospital but this is very sensitive and personal and it would be totally inappropriate to discuss details in open forum. I will therefore contact Columbo direct

JPW, still awaiting your theory. I appreciate your sensitivity..

Best regards,

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Lt Col
Lt Col

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PostSubject: Re: Barracks in Schleswig-Holstein   9/10/2011, 19:40

My step dad was 1 KDG and was at McLeod Barracks (Neumunster) before being shipping out to Malaya in 1956.
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Lt Col
Lt Col

Number of posts : 314
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Places Served : Bicester-Soltau-Canada-Kineton-Paderborn-Osnabruck (Inc Gulf 1) Donnington-Civy Strasse.
Registration date : 2008-10-22

PostSubject: Re: Barracks in Schleswig-Holstein   2/11/2011, 17:48

My last post seems to have been a thread killer, pity.

I cant add much in the way of relevant info but I have enjoyed reading through this thread, interesting stuff.
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Let Gen
Let Gen

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Registration date : 2010-02-22

PostSubject: Re: Barracks in Schleswig-Holstein   3/11/2011, 12:07

Paul & others,

What a wealth of info you have all contributed. With regard to the Bogard Barracks in Itzehoe, my late Uncle finished up in Itzehoe serving with the Middlesex Yeomanry who I understand were under the umberella of Royal Signals. He stayed there for a while until his demob date arrived either in 1945 or possibly 1946.
He used to refer to the accomodation which were comandeered houses from the Germans - one in particular was owned by a Professor whom my Uncle kept in touch with for many years. He also used to mention some of the luxery cars confiscated from the German High Command - beautiful Mercedes & Horcsh cars.

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Let Gen
Let Gen

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PostSubject: Re: Barracks in Schleswig-Holstein   22/5/2014, 09:16

It is some considerable time since I last commented on this specific topic

Thanks to Cuxhaven Steve and Alan 8376 in particular, and a number of other contributors, to this site I now have accurate details of over 100 separate locations of where British Army units were based in S-H in the period May 1945 -1948 (probably nearer to 150 if individual barracks are included).

We also have twenty locations in Hamburg and the complete layout of 53 (Welsh) Division who were occupying Hamburg on VE Day (8th May 1945).

Similarly, thanks in part to our Canadian contributors, I now am rapidly assembling details of the Canadian 2nd Corps deployment (including a Royal Marine Infantry and two British Gunner Brigades who were under command for a time) in Friesland/Oldenburg from VE Day to their return to Canada in Spring 1946.

Munster Garrison is also the subject of an ongoing major project.

Interestingly, following contacts by individual contributors to this site atleast five German Stadt Archives are now aware of and are using information provided by this site.

Sadly one major problem remains. The Master Pages of the original BAOR Locations site remain locked to the current management team. It is therefore impossible to add or amend this data bank. For obvious reasons I do not want to swamp the Forum with this type of information

Finally back to Schleswig Holstein. Details of the identity of the Royal Navy unit based in Husum from May to November 1945 remain elusive. Similarly the exact location of Stadt Kaserne/Eastnor Barracks Lauenburg is a mystery yet to be solved.
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LE Maj
LE Maj

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PostSubject: Re: Barracks in Schleswig-Holstein   22/5/2014, 13:28

Congratulations JPW

According to a German military forum there were no barracks in Lauenburg-Elbe but we know this to be incorrect, last year found the previously unlisted Stadt Kaserne in Lüneburg, the former HQ of 2 Army later 30 Corps District, but by 1946 was handed back to the Stadt and now local government offices, this Stadt Kaserne was considerable older that the majority of the 1930s built barracks in Germany, you may recall on my visit to Lübeck a couple of years back discovered that two of the older barracks close to the centre had been quickly demolished after the war, so probably the same happened in Lauenburg-Elbe.
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PostSubject: Re: Barracks in Schleswig-Holstein   

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Barracks in Schleswig-Holstein
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