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4 posters

Number of posts : 21
Age : 67
Localisation : Poole, Dorset
Cap Badge : 1st Royal Tank Regiment/MPSC
Places Served : Osnabruck, Omagh, Tidworth, Cyprus, Herford, Bovington, Hildesheim, Colchester.
Registration date : 2007-11-26

PostSubject: NITAT   NITAT Icon_minitime16/4/2013, 20:46

The Northern Ireland training package at Sennelager was the most enjoyable training I ever did. The CQBR range with the talking dummies was utterly awesome. A fantastic exprience.
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Number of posts : 2808
Age : 81
Localisation : Sandbach Cheshire
Cap Badge : RA/QOH
Places Served : JLRRA (Hereford) Nienburg Paderborn Colchester Munster Maresfield (Cyprus) Hohne Hemer Op Banner x4 Woolwich
Registration date : 2010-03-02

PostSubject: Re: NITAT   NITAT Icon_minitime16/4/2013, 22:40

A bit earlier than aghart, in the late 70s it was decided that, with my small arms experience, I should assist the NITAT team during the training for my regiment's latest Op BANNER tour. At one time I was required to sit in the control console watching over Tintown. The more grizzled veterans among us may remember the moving mannequins that were installed in the site. To relieve the boredom one day, the NITAT team went around the site to get the feel of how it would appear to units under training.
That dummy with the naked tits, that opened the squeaking window, and the one pushing a pram ?, were all riddled with bullet holes. I'm not talking about the nylon training rounds that the Cannon Fodder were issued with-these holes were 7.62mm.
Dark days, but we DID have fun all the same !
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Number of posts : 230
Age : 77
Localisation : Essex UK
Cap Badge : R Sigs
Places Served : 11 Sigs Vimy 'C' Catterick Nov 1963), 224 (Radio) Sig Squadron Garrats Hey, Quorn Leics( Jan-June 1964), 16 Sigs Bradbury Barracks Krefeld July-Oct 1964), 28 (BR) Sigs St Tonis & 4 Squadron, Tongeren (Cafe Maddy) (1964-1968), HQ UNFICYP Nicosia 6 month tour (1966), HMS Jufair & Hamala Camp Bahrien, 223 Sig Sqn (Radio) Winchester, Norn Ireland, HQ Northag Kolsas Olso Norway, 11 Sigs Helles Lines Catterick, Civvy Street 1977, Retired (Grumpy Victor Meldrew 2012)
Registration date : 2012-07-15

PostSubject: Re: NITAT   NITAT Icon_minitime16/4/2013, 23:45

I never did go on any pre-training for norn Irn. It all happened one drunken Squadron dance when young Uncle V was a tad 'brams & lizt' and had brought a BB pellet gun into the unit gym where the the unit dance was being held. Needless to say the Duty Orderly Sergeant and Guard commander took this off me and told me to beat it and go to bed and sleep it off.

So next morning there I was on OC Squadron Orders to see the Squadron OC. Long story short, Young Uncle V was told that if he wanted to play 'Silly Beggars' then he would have to go and be a real soldier, earn his salary as a Corporal.... affraid So there I was packing my kit a few hours later, and within a week I was on a train with a another geezer from the the unit to Liverpool, and the night ferry across the waters to Belfast docks. Boy was I sh*tting myself. Shocked Then it was on to Girdwood Park Barracks for some form of indoctrination, then on in an unmarked car with my mate and 2 others down to Newry near the border as part of R Sigs and Int Corps unit. Life was quite interesting to say the least for the next few months before being transfered to Derry for a few weeks, then back to Blighty after a four months tour, as I had been earmarked to go on a Cipher Ops course at Catterick later that year. I had completed my B1 Data Telegraphist course the year previous.

I never played silly b*ggers again.... or did I. drunken affraid Sleep I seem to remember doing the same some years later when stationed out in Norway just outside Oslo at HQ AFnorth I think it was designated. But all that is another story to be told at some future date when I am bored or something. Confession is good for the memory, os I have been told. But I won't confess all my sins just yet.... What a Face Rolling Eyes
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Number of posts : 79
Age : 62
Localisation : Leicester
Cap Badge : REME
Places Served : Tidworth, Sennelarger, Werl, Munsterlager, Catterick, Paderborn, Ripon, Detmold, Marchwood.
Registration date : 2009-02-05

PostSubject: Re: NITAT   NITAT Icon_minitime17/4/2013, 09:12

During my postings in the Sennelarger area i had to carry ouy 'Tin City' guards.

The units in Sennelarger had to carry out the guarding of the facility when there was no resident unit in doing training.

Have to admit, it was weird having to use the cooking facilities at the chip shop in Tin City to make a brew or during the weekends cook our meals.
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PostSubject: Re: NITAT   NITAT Icon_minitime

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