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PostSubject: Nieheim   Nieheim Icon_minitime4/5/2008, 15:17

I just took a drive out to the Nieheim/Pömbsen area to see if I could find the old ammo depot. I never served there but had a nice (ahem) little stay there whilst on exercise in 1999 or so. Today I didn't manage to find it after having a good drive around the area.
On my return home I Google Earthed it and found it straight away thanks to a photo called Bilster Berg!

This led me to look into it further - here's what I found...
It's planned to become some sort of motor racing circuit if I understand correctly!!!

This link may interest some: if link is not displayed here just search for Bilster Berg
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PostSubject: Re: Nieheim   Nieheim Icon_minitime18/5/2008, 13:47

The way to get to the camp is from the main road which leads to Nieheim. On there is a fairly large parkplatz which has a sign for a Telegraph Station. This is the old access road for the camp.
The Blister Berg project is for a test track to be built there and its not (as yet!!) intended for it to become a racetrack. There is a lot of local opposition to the plan due to noise levels. Building work is intended to start this August...
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PostSubject: Re: Nieheim   Nieheim Icon_minitime12/8/2015, 21:42

So, long overdue update!
bilsterberg drive resort has been open for a few years now and appears to be a racetrack of sorts, despite the initial denials...
there is still opposition locally due to noise infringements but the local council don't seem to be doing anything about it. Financial irregularities have also been reported by local news agencies, however there are still cars driving round the circuit, so it cant be too serious eh!!
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PostSubject: Re: Nieheim   Nieheim Icon_minitime13/8/2015, 11:17


Thanks for the update, good to have you back on line
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PostSubject: Re: Nieheim   Nieheim Icon_minitime

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