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 Iraq 3 - Mission Creep?

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Iraq 3 - Mission Creep? Empty
PostSubject: Iraq 3 - Mission Creep?   Iraq 3 - Mission Creep? Icon_minitime13/12/2014, 23:17

So, British Troops are going back into Iraq to help train the Iraqi National Army solders, yet again, so they can have 'better view on to defeat the ISIS murdering scum'.

Now, did not someone in government tell us "Mission Accomplish" not so long ago, and the same in Afghanistan. So what's the betting their will be contingents of UK Military (Army, RAF & RNavy) personnel packing up to move out again after leave over Xmas and New Year. The danger of this is just how far are out illustrious political leaders and MoD Mandarins etc; going to take this?

Of course after the fiasco of Libyan Troops/Cadets being trained at Basingbourn Barracks in Cambridge, and a few of them going AWOL for the 'rapey' weekends. Bringing Johnny Foreigners back into Old Blighty is obvious a no-no after what has happened, along with the sensitivities of outraged Cambridgeshire citizens only months away from a general election.

So who thinks that further entanglements in Iraq could lead to more troops going in, possibly as 'boots on the ground?'

Hundreds of British troops will be sent to Iraq next month, Michael Fallon, the Defence Secretary, has announced, as the war against Islamic State enters a new phase.
In an interview with The Telegraph, Mr Fallon says the British service personnel will be training Iraqi and Kurdish forces to fight Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (Isil) from January.
A small “force protection” deployment of combat-ready soldiers is also expected to be sent to defend the military training teams, who will be based at four centres inside Iraq, Mr Fallon said.
The new mission represents the first significant deployment of ground force since the last British troops withdrew from Iraq three years ago.

The details are still to be finalised but Mr Fallon told The Telegraph that the number of troops involved would be in “the very low hundreds”. At present, there are 50 British troops inside Iraq training local forces.

And what about further 'Training Missions' to Libya, Syria, Afghanistan and various other dodgy states in the Middle East. Will the west's meddling just create further Jihadism for us to deal with. Of course our illustrious PM, Mr Camerloon is also trying to support Turkye's admission into 'Club-EUssr, it is all going to 'wrack and ruiny' as Loadsa Money has to be found for all this military adventuring back into hot, sandy, sweaty fly blown places. We should just leave well alone. Or perhaps our political Masters in Westminster are having collective guilt trips about Old Blighty's imperial past and the days of the British Raj.

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Iraq 3 - Mission Creep?
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