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 Trying to find

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PostSubject: Trying to find   Trying to find Icon_minitime22/7/2020, 17:33

Steve “Sid” Payne 23855138
Sid was a REME VEHICLE MECHANIC stationed at Wrexham BKS in Mulhiem 1965-67
One of the best mates a man could have.Knocked about with me,Ken Gifford and Ivor Hiscock. Ivor and I were his witnesses at his wedding.
Sadly lost contact when we were posted to Australia. Can anyone help please.
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Let Gen
Let Gen

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PostSubject: Re: Trying to find   Trying to find Icon_minitime14/8/2020, 18:01


Apologies for the delay in responding to your query regarding two mates who served with you in Mulheim in the 1960s

With the current Data Protection Act regulations and MOD Security rules it will be difficult to obtain details direct from any Service source.

There are two other options open to you

Firstly were you Army Apprentices? Though Carlisle and Arborfield have been closed for many years now there are still active branches of the relevant Boys Association who still meet from time to time and I believe there is an active Facebook website.

Secondly RHQ REME publishes a monthly magazine which is widely circulated to both Regular and Reserve units and Branches of the REME Association (the possible link Old Comrades) world wide. Whilst there are rules on what can be published requests such as yours do appear from time to time. It might be worth your while emailing the Editor, Katy Walton, on and establish exactly what she might consider publishing

Good luck
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Places Served : Oswestry 1965, Paderborn to 1971, NE Dist, Munsterlager from 1974, Sennelager (1976 to 2012)
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PostSubject: Re: Trying to find   Trying to find Icon_minitime15/7/2021, 20:12

Some died in-service . . .  many just fade away

From time to time on here are enquirers who seek to trace service people
who have vanished beyond all normal contacts.  It is always possible that
old Forces friends have actualy died in service.

The Government (BR) maintains a  Roll of Honour as part of its service to

This link should get you to the enquiry page:

The online Roll of Honour contains the names of members of the Armed Forces who
died in military service, on or after 1 January 1948 (and Palestine 1945-47), who are
commemorated on the official single service rolls of honour.

To search the database please enter either the surname and forenames, or initials
(if known), or the Service number. When you have found the person you are looking
for you will be given an option to print a certificate that will contain details of their
Service in the Armed Forces.

The Roll of Honour is updated upto 4 times a year and currently provides information
on those who died in military service more than two years ago. Limited entries are
present for those who died more than one but less than two years ago. If you have
an enquiry which relates to the Armed Forces Memorial Roll of Honour please contact us

Forename(s)           Surname

Service:  Royal Air Force, Royal Navy, Army

Service number

Usually having only the Surname is enough to start a search and find the deceased service person.
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PostSubject: Re: Trying to find   Trying to find Icon_minitime24/8/2021, 14:47

Hello, everyone
I would like to know if anyone knows Dave and Sheila Thompson?
As far as I can remember, they lived in Lübbecke, Arndtstrasse 10 between 1976-1981.
Dave was stationed there at the time and his wife Sheila was doing her job in Herford.
I (then 9 years old) had contact again shortly after their return to the UK. But this broke off. Can someone help me and remember them both?
Thank you for your help and answers.
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Places Served : Carlisle AAS, Aden, Hildesheim, Bordon, Fallingbostel, Dover, NI Tours, Osnabruck, Herford, Muenster, UN Nicosia, SBA Dhekellia Cyprus x2, Waterbeach, Civi Street 1988. Retired from VOSA 2007.
Registration date : 2009-07-28

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PostSubject: Re: Trying to find   Trying to find Icon_minitime24/8/2021, 16:17

Hi, Any chance of a Regiment name, Barracks name. Maybe you remember what type of work he did?

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PostSubject: Re: Trying to find   Trying to find Icon_minitime

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Trying to find
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