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  New German Bundeswehr

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KIeler sprotten
KIeler sprotten

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PostSubject: New German Bundeswehr    New German Bundeswehr Icon_minitime30/9/2012, 13:18

Does anyone remember the formation in 1955 . I arrived in Neumunster June 1956, by then this new army were established. It was difficult to identify the army from the airforce, both had a similar blue grey uniform, much smarter than our WW2 battle dress, even though our tops were tailored to remove the pleats from around the waistband. our AFVs were much better ,they were equipped with 3 ton
trucks with a long pole sticking out over the cab this identified them as tanks when we had joint maneuvers on duvenstedt moor, They were always very polite whenever we passed them on the street.
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PostSubject: Re: New German Bundeswehr    New German Bundeswehr Icon_minitime30/9/2012, 14:00

A touch before my time mate, I didn't get to Germany until '59.
What I DO remember about the Bundeswehr though, is that they they used to salute us, when we were in uniform in the town.
I think the idea was that they were saluting fellow NATO soldiers but of course, no one thought to tell us.
It won't be difficult to imagine our reaction, Hitler salutes were thrown up in return so it wasn't long before the wheels came off that little brainwave ! cheers
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New German Bundeswehr
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