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 Ukraine & NATO Exercises in Baltic States area.

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Ukraine & NATO Exercises in Baltic States area. Empty
PostSubject: Ukraine & NATO Exercises in Baltic States area.   Ukraine & NATO Exercises in Baltic States area. Icon_minitime24/5/2014, 19:25

Any body think that our Lords and masters here in the UK, and in the EU-rine Land are getting a tad 'sabre rattly' mood with what is going on Ukraine. The recent comments by Mrs Windsors lad, Charley certainly don't help. He wants to go and study up the History of Russia, from Catherine the Great to the current days.

I'm no supporter or lover of Komrade Kolonel Putin, but at least he is looking to his own back yard!!

It is believed by some that the mess in Ukraine could have been triggered by Western interference by the EU and Brussels Politburo offering to give the elected, but very corrupt Ukrainian government a bailout of Euros (Eurines). Our own political masters are allowing mega rich Russian Oligarch and Chinese mega rich to buy up swathes of London with allegedly "dirty money". The London financial centers are possibly the money laundering center of Europe for dirty cash. (all alleged of course)... What a Face 

There might be a suggestion (alleged of course), that the b*ggers in Wall Street, Big Banks, Big Pharma, the CIA, the US State Department, NATO, the EU, Big Pharma and other western nations on one side, have had a hand in this - and Komrade Kolonel Putin of the Old KGB, the Russian Federation government and other agencies on that side, all interfering in this mess.

After all Russia is only looking to its back yard. The Ukraine has always been part of Mother Russian for centuries, during the days of Czars, through the Revolution and Soviet Communist Days till today. One doesn't see any of our political elites volunteering their sons and daughter to carry a 'bundook' and go to hot, sweaty, smelly fly blown places, and stand-to that defensive wall!!  Shocked 

After all, has not the UK just deployed some RN ships and troops to Gibraltar to play a similar game with Spain, to remind the Spanish authorities that Bib is in our back yard!!

Some of our illustriously  gibbering political masters like Foreign Secretary, Will Vague seems to be desperate to get more British troop as Boots on Ground yet again in another far off place. He wanted us militarily involved in Syria - have they not learned anything from the fiascos that were Iraq and Afghanistan?

These tw*ts seem to be desperate to be "War Leaders" in that Churchillian sense that Teflon B'liar wanted to be as the 'Poodle of George Dubya Bush' over Iraq.

How many more treasure and body bags do these PPE educated twa*ts want coming back to RAF Lyneham. Perhaps they still want British Troops in as Peacekeepers and trainers in Libya, Egypt and Syria because back in the Days of British Imperialism and the British Raj, we were all over these places like a rash.

(Perhaps I'm getting a tad Victor Meldrew in old age, as I look back fondly with a 'love - hate' relationship with the army when I was a Cold War Warrior, and with with "That Rifle!"  Embarassed drunken What a Face
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Ukraine & NATO Exercises in Baltic States area.
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