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 Bindon Barracks 125 Coy 1955-57

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Bindon Barracks 125 Coy 1955-57 Empty
PostSubject: Bindon Barracks 125 Coy 1955-57   Bindon Barracks 125 Coy 1955-57 Icon_minitime17/5/2017, 18:25

Hello all,

My name is Amy Hall, my father is Brian Woodings, who was in the 125 Coy at Bindon Barracks from (we think) 55-58. My dad has quite severe dementia and often finds comfort talking about his army days. Unfortunately as the dementia progresses he finds it increasingly difficult to remember specific details and as almost all his army photos were lost in a family fire many years ago we have little left to help prompt him.

We have one photo of him with a chap he affectionately refers to as, "Daddy O" who we believe originated from Jamaica and lived in London. Also Dad remembers Captain Reed, whose wife Dad drove round when she needed to go shopping. He used to rattle his army number off by heart but alas he is no longer able to remember it.

I realise this is a long but my husband and I are really trying to find any extra information or pictures (or even people who Dad served with although we realise this isn't very likely) that may help us talk about his army days with him and prompt his memories. Not only would he enjoy it but it could be really good for keeping his mind active which is so important with dementia.

If you have any information, even about the camp itself which might provoke conversation (layout, different countries that interacted - he often mentions the Americans, funny memories that might be understood by the mass that were stationed there, literally anything) then I would really appreciate it if you could let me know. If you don't then I very much understand!

All the best and thanks for reading this,

Amy Hall
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Let Gen
Let Gen

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Bindon Barracks 125 Coy 1955-57 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Bindon Barracks 125 Coy 1955-57   Bindon Barracks 125 Coy 1955-57 Icon_minitime19/5/2017, 17:41


Welcome, sorry to learn of your father's medical condition.

Try This is an Anglo German website with a wealth of information, including individual units, barracks, photographs etc about the British presence in Hameln. Hopefully there is something which might trigger memories of happier times

Best wishes

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Bindon Barracks 125 Coy 1955-57
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