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 British Freemasonry in Germany

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Number of posts : 9
Localisation : Around Paderborn/ Bielefeld
Cap Badge : Ex RA - 50Msl, 12Regt, 20Bde
Places Served : Menden, Dortmund, Bosnia, NI, Oman, Iraq, Canada, Rheindahlen, Bielefeld, Paderborn
Registration date : 2019-12-11

British Freemasonry in Germany Empty
PostSubject: British Freemasonry in Germany   British Freemasonry in Germany Icon_minitime12/12/2019, 14:17

Not sure if this is common knowledge or not but for those who have ever been interested in British Freemasonry or even becoming a Freemason it is very much alive and kicking here in Germany.

The 1st Lodge was established in Düsseldorf in March 1950 and since that time more Lodges were formed, currently there are 18 Lodges reaching from Hamburg to Munich and Rheindahlen to Berlin.

All come under the The Grand Lodge of British Freemasons in Germany which in turn is one of five Grand Lodges which come under The United Grand Lodges of Germany.

During the BAOR hayday there were numerous "travelling Lodges" which, being attached to military units, would come and go to Germany as their roulemont's dictated. These travelling Lodges planted the seeds of what is now a well established and respected fraternity.

As it is with the military being overseas some expats in conjunction with serving members decided to have permanent Lodges over here to meet the needs of those who enjoyed Freemasonry but couldn't afford the cost of travelling back to UK or weren't so comfortable with the German flavour of Masonry.

I served 24 years in Germany and didn't have a clue that British Freemasons existed and am guessing that there might be a few more out there who also didn't realise.

Currently the following orders (to name a few) are catered for.

Standard Craft Masonry English Constitution
Standard Craft Masonry Scottish Rite

To join the list below you need to be a Master Mason of one the above.

Mark Master Masonry
Royal Ark Mariners
Royal Arch Masonry
Knights Templar
Knights Templar Priests
Knights of Malta
Red Cross of Constantine

If you are interested in finding out more the link to the Grand Lodge website is here which in turn has links to local Lodges

Grand Lodge of British Freemasonry in Germany

PS: I'm not trying to sell it to anyone or anything, this is purely for info sake.

All the best for the festive season and New Year
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British Freemasonry in Germany
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