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 Crusader 80

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Number of posts : 83
Localisation : Norn Irn
Cap Badge : QRIH/UDR
Places Served : NI, GB, BAOR
Registration date : 2013-05-03

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PostSubject: Re: Crusader 80   Crusader 80 - Page 2 Icon_minitime9/5/2013, 16:52

Crusdader 80 was my first FTX although I was by no means unfamiliar with exercises as a member of C Sqn, QRIH at RAC Demo Sqn, Warminster. I remember the long drive from Tidworth to Southampton when we took the entire regiment of tanks along the Winchester bypass. Getting on the Dana Futura and heading out for Zeebrugge.

When we did our halt parade the officers mess waiters in best bib and tucker handed out Buck's Fizz to everyone. Unfortunately a picture was taken by someone from the Scum or some other redtop and was frontline news: "The Champagne Hussars Go To War." Our Colonel made it clear to us that the event was never to be discussed again.

We made a right mess of the newly macadamed car park in Zeebrugge too. Whose idea was it to line the tanks up at a 180 degree angle to the main gate then? Very Happy
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Lt Col
Lt Col

Number of posts : 314
Cap Badge : RAOC
Places Served : Bicester-Soltau-Canada-Kineton-Paderborn-Osnabruck (Inc Gulf 1) Donnington-Civy Strasse.
Registration date : 2008-10-22

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PostSubject: Re: Crusader 80   Crusader 80 - Page 2 Icon_minitime12/5/2013, 06:03

bigmal wrote:
This was my first Exercise, too, we spent most of it parked in farm yards, with many trips out to fix ailing Chieftains.
Well, we were FRG.
Enjoyed it.

Hehe, FRG. You spent most of your time whinging, when you weren't whinging you were kipping.
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Eric England
Eric England

Number of posts : 232
Age : 67
Localisation : China
Cap Badge : REME 1972 - 1984
Places Served : Arborfield, Deepcut Camberley 25 Lt Regt Catterick/NI, 4 Lt Regt Catterick/NI, 655 Sqn AAC Detmold, QRIH Padderbon, 9/12 Lancers Muenster, 655 Tank Tptr Sqn Fallingbostel, HQ REME 3rd Armd Div Korbecke, SEE Arborfield, HQ REME Trg Center Arborfield.
Registration date : 2013-04-22

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PostSubject: Re: Crusader 80   Crusader 80 - Page 2 Icon_minitime12/5/2013, 11:46

I was with HQ REME 3rd Armd Div on this exercise and spent most of my time on radio duty. But the fun thing was a few of us had to sleep in an old pig sty and the smell would make your eyes water. After a few hours sleeping there I went on radio stag and the 2i/c a Canadian officer said what the hell is that smell? Pigs said I and smiled.

Then the driver for CREME walked in and the Major looked at him and said pigs? The driver looked at me with a blank expression and said whats with him sarge? I said he is a Muslim really and has this thingy about pigs, the Major heard this and threw his hat at me LOL.
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PostSubject: Re: Crusader 80   Crusader 80 - Page 2 Icon_minitime

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Crusader 80
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