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 Memories of Wuppertal

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Stephen Lock
Maj Gen
Maj Gen
Stephen Lock

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PostSubject: Memories of Wuppertal   Memories of Wuppertal Icon_minitime4/3/2009, 23:49

These aren't military-connected but I've been meaning to pop off something along these lines for awhile now:

Two memories of Wuppertal have stayed with me all these years

1- The zoo
2 - The monorail

Here in Calgary, where I have resided for 30+ years now, we have what we call the LRT (Light Rapid Transit) which is essentially an urban rail system.

When it was first being considered various options were on the table -- surface, underground or elevated. One of the suggestions was to create a "futuristic" monorail system. I just chuckled because what the engineers et al were visualizing was the monorail system at TomorrowLand in Disneyland and were all puffed up about how forward thinking they were blah blah blah. Totally unaware, I suppose, that Wuppertal had had an elevated monorail system in place since the 1800s!! 1870 or some such, if memory serves me correctly. The inaugural line was opened by no less than the Kaiser himself, as I recall.

The supports for the system are, of course, massive and the whole system wends its way through the centre of the city. It could be one ugly mess, and I am sure there are Wuppertalers (Wuppertalians?) who think it is, but most of the rails are suspended over the Wupper. I thought as a kid, and still do, it was a fantastic thing. Certainly an engineering marvel.

The zoo I don't recall as clearly, although we went there several times when I was a little kid (7 or 8 years old). I do recall eating those hard heart-shaped bread things that were equal parts sweet and stale Smile And hard as tack! Tasty though.
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PostSubject: Re: Memories of Wuppertal   Memories of Wuppertal Icon_minitime8/4/2011, 06:50

My Father, C/Sgt Ronald Carter - Norhamptonshire Regt together with family (inc me!) was stationed at Anglesey Barracks, Wuppertal, around 1954.

Anybody know much about the Barracks, think it was a former Wermacht barracks.
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Memories of Wuppertal
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