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 Armoured Car/Armoured Recce Equipment pre-CVR(T)

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Armoured Car/Armoured Recce Equipment pre-CVR(T) Empty
PostSubject: Armoured Car/Armoured Recce Equipment pre-CVR(T)   Armoured Car/Armoured Recce Equipment pre-CVR(T) Icon_minitime26/4/2012, 16:57

I am working to establish the ToE for regiments with BAOR in the late 1960s/early 1970s. One I am struggling with is that of an armoured reconnaissance regiment. This is pre CVR(T) when recce were equipped with Saladin and Ferrets.

I have questions around the full ToE for a regiment in BAOR in this period, I wonder if you can help, please?

- were there 4 armd car troops per squadron or 5?
- was there a support troop with each squadron (with maybe 1 Ferret Mk2 and 5 Saracen APCs)?
- how many Saracen APCs in a squadron HQ (1 or 2)?
- what vehicles were assigned to the air squadron (1 X Saracen, 2 3/4t FFR, 2 4t trucks)?
- any details of numbers and types of A and B vehicles overall.

I have been helped by the Tank Museum however they have gaps in their records and you may be able to help fill them. There also seems to be some confusion (at least on my part) between an armd recce regiment in BAOR and that in the UK, the UK regiments having a different ToE.

The regiments in question at this time appear to be:

5th RDG (from Jan 68 till May 71)
3rd RTR (from Dec 69 till Nov 71)
Royal Scots (from Jun 71 till Oct 72)
14/20 Hussars (Oct 72 till Mar 76)
17/21 Lancers (Nov 71 till Oct 74)

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Armoured Car/Armoured Recce Equipment pre-CVR(T)
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