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 Search my dad

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David Ludigkeit Stutzke

Number of posts : 1
Registration date : 2020-11-25

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PostSubject: Search my dad   Search my dad Icon_minitime25/11/2020, 21:04


i´ve  got a quetion….
I´m Sorry for my poor English.

Does anyware knows about my dad “Tyrone Philip Peters”? My information is very little, sorry.  My mum said Rare from him, but her information are little, too. Tyrone was born on 11.08.1959 in Neath/ Wales.

Well, Tyrone was stationed end in the 70er years in the Stornoway Barracks in Lemgo. His Posts was a tank company. In the meantime, he going on the war in North Ireland. After the Mission my parents separate they relationship. I have Tyrone Army number. My mum said my dad has in his army time an Car accident und he lay in the military hospital in Rinteln.
When someone knew him better, I´m pretty about more information from my dad.

Best regards

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Number of posts : 579
Age : 73
Localisation : Norfolk, UK
Cap Badge : REME
Places Served : Carlisle AAS, Aden, Hildesheim, Bordon, Fallingbostel, Dover, NI Tours, Osnabruck, Herford, Muenster, UN Nicosia, SBA Dhekellia Cyprus x2, Waterbeach, Civi Street 1988. Retired from VOSA 2007.
Registration date : 2009-07-28

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PostSubject: Re: Search my dad   Search my dad Icon_minitime28/11/2020, 08:24

Good Morning David,

Welcome to the site.  I hope someone can help you in your search for your dad.

Don't worry about your English!  Just put the words you find easiest to use.  
Of course many members are ex military can understand some German. I'm sure one or two will love to practice some sentances they learnt in their time enjoying the highlights in the Stadt and a bier or six!!!

MfG Alan

PS. Can I ask Members to maybe come up with the name of the Regiment(s) which were based in Lemgo late 1970's
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Michael Hardcastle

Number of posts : 3
Registration date : 2011-02-06

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PostSubject: Re: Search my dad   Search my dad Icon_minitime30/11/2020, 17:52

Hello David,

I am Michael Hardcastle from Germany. I have found information about your father. I don't want to write this here for privacy reasong. Would you please write to my email you can use any language you speak. Kind regards Michael. Du kannst auch auf Deutsch schreiben.
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PostSubject: Re: Search my dad   Search my dad Icon_minitime

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Search my dad
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