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 Steyerberg, Near Liebenau (Nienburg)

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Number of posts : 9
Cap Badge : RCT
Places Served : Hamm, Celle, Steyerberg, Hohne
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Steyerberg, Near Liebenau (Nienburg) Empty
PostSubject: Steyerberg, Near Liebenau (Nienburg)   Steyerberg, Near Liebenau (Nienburg) Icon_minitime9/4/2021, 01:35

STEYERBERG, Helena-Lager (or Helena Camp) is missing  from  the list  of BAOR locations.

As part of the Nazi  'Kraft durch Freude' (Strength through Joy) project, a residential and recreational facility was built in 1938 for female workers of  EIBIA G.m.b.H. ,  the largest German ammunition manufacturer during the war. (Dynamit Nobel still had an explosives factory near Steyerberg during my  time).

After the end of the war, the complex was used by the British to  house mostly German prisoners of war until the end of their captivity  in 1947, and was then given the name Helena-Lager and was converted into the German Service Organization in 1948, later renamed the Mixed Service Organisation (MSO).

When I  was posted to Steyerberg from  633 MCTG/RCT in Celle as an MSO sergeant in 1976, it was a transport and bus unit of the 24 Tpt&Mov Rgt RCT,  supporting Pinewood Camp in Liebenau and the garrison in Nienburg. The unit was disbanded in 1978 and I  was posted to  Hohne. Helena-Lager was then apparently used for a while for 'military training purposes' until the early 1980s after which the complex was completely abandoned and in 1986 was turned into  an alternative-living lifestyle community.

During  my  time we were only  4 Brits in  the unit: an RCT major (OC), a REME WO2 in charge of the workshops,  an RCT Staff Sergeant who was the QM, and myself.  The remainder of the unit  was comprised mainly of around 200 MSO Poles and Yugoslavs and a smattering of other Eastern European displaced persons, mostly drivers, mechanics, some cooks, and a handful in the office or as dog handlers.

It was a fairly boring posting, not much to do at work, the village of Steyerberg had a couple of traditional German pubs, the nearest JRC or Sgt's mess was in Pinewood Camp in the slightly larger village of Liebenau about 10Km away, and that was all. There was nothing else until the city of Nienburg about 30Km away. At weekends I often cleared off in my duty Landrover to the Dümmersee about 50 clicks away and do some sailing at the BAOR yacht club (British Forces Dummersee – Sail Training Center), where I was sometimes seconded for a couple of weeks at a time to run RCT sailing courses.

Anyone who  was around at the time would need to be at least in their mid 70s by now, but  it  would be nice to  hear from anyone and for the location to be listed. Unfortunately I don't  have any photos.

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Places Served : Carlisle AAS, Aden, Hildesheim, Bordon, Fallingbostel, Dover, NI Tours, Osnabruck, Herford, Muenster, UN Nicosia, SBA Dhekellia Cyprus x2, Waterbeach, Civi Street 1988. Retired from VOSA 2007.
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Steyerberg, Near Liebenau (Nienburg) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Steyerberg, Near Liebenau (Nienburg)   Steyerberg, Near Liebenau (Nienburg) Icon_minitime9/4/2021, 11:58

Hi Welcome on board.

During your time did you know a Cap't/Major Terry Mills (TEB).  He was ex Navy who joined the RCT.

Teb was OC 632 MCTG at Bad Oeynhausen at a Fuel Tanker unit.

During his time at Oeynhausen, Teb took a lead role in promoting sailing skills to military locally on courses and at the Dummersee.

Steyerberg, Near Liebenau (Nienburg) V7yhG1T

Steyerberg, Near Liebenau (Nienburg) KW2JoUO

Steyerberg, Near Liebenau (Nienburg) MnDeIOl


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Number of posts : 9
Cap Badge : RCT
Places Served : Hamm, Celle, Steyerberg, Hohne
Registration date : 2021-04-09

Steyerberg, Near Liebenau (Nienburg) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Steyerberg, Near Liebenau (Nienburg)   Steyerberg, Near Liebenau (Nienburg) Icon_minitime9/4/2021, 16:17

Hi Alan,

I don't recall the name Terry Mills, but chances are very strong that we would have met. I spent so much of my time at the Dümmer from 1974 to around 1980 I had my own permanent room in the club. I didn't have much to do with other MSO or MCTG units, but the two people I worked with most on sailing were Maj Ron Routlege who was the OC of an MCTG in Minden and a Cpl Gordon Witty, but I don't remember where he was stationed.  Bad O is not far from Minden so Terry may well have known Ron if they were both OCs of Mojo units at the same time.

Ron was near retirement age but Gordon was about  my age - late 20s. The three of us also did some offshore regattas together around the Danish islands from the Forces Yacht Club in Kiel in Cutlass and Dan boats. Gordon and I also once ran a 2-week dinghy sailing course at Eckernförde not far from Kiel - around 1977. We had some of the Bosuns from the Dümmer trucked up there for it.

The CO of 24 Tpt & Mov Regt (HQ at Langenhagen Bks, Hanover), at the time (or some of it) was Peter Coombes who also did a bit of sailing.

Cheers, Chris

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Steyerberg, Near Liebenau (Nienburg) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Steyerberg, Near Liebenau (Nienburg)   Steyerberg, Near Liebenau (Nienburg) Icon_minitime

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Steyerberg, Near Liebenau (Nienburg)
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