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 Looking for Archie McGregor ACC

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Number of posts : 35
Localisation : Melksham, Wiltshire
Cap Badge : REME
Places Served : AAS Arborfield, 5 Inf Wksps then 14 Regt. RA Dortmund, 1 Inf Wksps Aden, 22 Sigs Lippstadt, REBCS then 65CSS RE Hameln, Borden, 15/19 H then 9/12 Lancers Tidworth, 4 ADSR, Herford, QoH then 4/7 DGuards Detmold.
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Looking for Archie McGregor ACC Empty
PostSubject: Looking for Archie McGregor ACC   Looking for Archie McGregor ACC Icon_minitime23/3/2021, 19:28

Trying to trace an old mate of mine.   Can you help?

Archibald Campbell Clarke McGregor.  

Not a name you would easily forget, is it?  Born and raised in Edinburgh.  He was definitely a Jock and extremely proud of it.

My first posting in 1963 was 5 Inf. Wksps in Dortmund.  All new VMs were sent to the MT section and were allocated to a REME driver.  My driver was the dreaded Jock McGregor!

When our allocated driver went out so did we – day or night. His job was to instruct us on driving in Germany.  When we weren’t out, we were stuck in a small room with nothing but a German Highway Code.  Every so often the MT Sgt. or Cpl would come in and fire questions at us.  I quickly learnt ‘Ausganomen Zugmachine’ (spelling might be off after all these years.) and other alien words.  But I still remember bits of the Pass The Theory Test Mnemonic - ‘’Even Charlie B Could Eat And Drink Drink And Eat Diana Dors Bough A Car But Couldn’t Drive Backwards’’.  Plus a bit more. I really do remember some utterly useless things.

Archie and I hit it off straight away.  He had just got engaged to a beautiful German girl who lived out at Castrop-Rauxel, but when he wasn’t with her we were out on the beer.
He married her in ’64 and they had private accommodation in Applerbeck.  I spent a lot of time with him and Gelinde, as well as her sister and brother-in-law.
Archie loved cooking and eventually managed to get to work in the cookhouse.
In ‘64 I was posted to an LAD in Dortmund (14 Fld. Regt., RA) and from there I went to Aden for a year in 66/67.

My next posting was 22 Sigs in Lippstadt and within a couple of months Archie was posted in.  He had transferred to the ACC and done his ‘MassProducedFullEnglish’ and ‘HowToKillCabbages’ courses.

We both lived in Diesel Strasse.   My rather straight-laced ex-wife didn’t approve of Archie.  She felt he led me astray.  Telling her it was a 50/50 thing and ‘I’m going out with my mate’ did not go well for our relationship.  Hence ‘ex’.  But there was more to that.

In 1970 I was posted to Hameln (REBCS, then 65 CSS) and I believe Archie was posted to UK.  We lost contact.

Despite frequent questioning of every cook I came across I never heard from him or about him again – something I regret to this day.

Archie’s dream was to get a small hotel/guesthouse in the Black Forest.   Don’t know if he ever did.  We all have these dreams, don’t we?  Some dreams come true, but most of us go into something totally different when we hit demob.

Does anyone have any information of the whereabouts of Archibald Campbell Clarke McGregor?  Or his wife Gelinde McGregor (nee Bertram) or the two children (probably in their 50’s now) Michael and Angela?
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Let Gen
Let Gen

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Places Served : Germany, Egypt, Cyprus, CFS Alert and some other strange places
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PostSubject: Re: Looking for Archie McGregor ACC   Looking for Archie McGregor ACC Icon_minitime3/4/2021, 01:13

Best of luck JGW. Seeing I have two things in common with Archie. 1: I was a cook and 2: One of his names. He sounds like a man who best be found and caught up with.
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Looking for Archie McGregor ACC
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