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PostSubject: Re: TRADITION !   TRADITION ! - Page 2 Icon_minitime10/5/2011, 07:19

Thanks Sgt Divers, user pay eh? Much the same over here. Yes it mut be hard for the Cooks to dish up edible tucker on a tight budget. But to me it would appear the RN submarine Sailors get tucker included. No NAAFI under the water!
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Stephen Lock
Maj Gen
Maj Gen
Stephen Lock

Number of posts : 937
Age : 67
Localisation : Calgary
Cap Badge : Pads Brat
Places Served : Father -- Canadian Army. Served Hemer, Soest, and Wetter
Registration date : 2007-12-28

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PostSubject: Re: TRADITION !   TRADITION ! - Page 2 Icon_minitime10/5/2011, 19:34

Teabag wrote:
Stephen Lock wrote:
Welshmen and sheep....hmmmmm. You lot really do have twisted minds Twisted Evil

Now, see, out in my neck of the woods (Alberta, land of beef and oil) sheep aren't really considered. Between docile cows and lots of do the math LOL LOL

This thread of sheep reminds me of a joke (well, several actually but most I wouldn't repeat here!): Why is it better to shag a sheep on the edge of cliff? Because it pushes back harder!

Sorry....I heard that little bit years ago and still think it's funny....I just get this mental image of Daisy Baa-aaaing and backtracking frantically, skipping stones down the cliff face with her front hooves and....well....never mind LOL

As for the disparaging remarks about Wales and Welsh.....tsk tsk tsk. I have a drop or two of Welsh blood in me, maternal grandfather's side (he was actually a Yorkie but, so the story goes, if the river had gone that way instead of this way, he'd have been Welsh). Is Yorkshire even close to Wales? Sorry, my British Isles geography has gotten a tad rusty in recent decades....

Teabag wrote:
By Canadian standards Wales might be near Yorkshire but don't visit the UK and say that. Different countries never mind counties.

Yes, I was aware Wales and England/Yorkshire were different countries and that Yorkshire was a county/shire unto itself....I'm not quite THAT dense!! LOL (although perhaps I am given I am only now responding to this having missed it first time 'round).

Teabag wrote:
Everyone knows that Daisy is a cow and not a sheep but your personal preferences are your own business.

ehehehehe....true enough, "Daisy" is a cow name....I just 'grabbed' the first pet barnyard name that came to mind. Perhaps "Mildred" would have been better? As for my personal preferences.....keep in mind I am a city boy...don't come across many cows or sheep around here! Now small-ish furry animals....oh gawd....never mind!!!!

Teabag wrote:
Why is it that Yanks and now Canadians say Math and we say Maths? Obviously having invented the language we are correct because it is mathematics i.e in the plural so let that be an end to it.

Interesting question, but you are quite correct...over on this side of the pond we do say Math and not Maths even though it is a contraction of Mathematics so it would seem to make sense to use the plural in both versions. However, to my ear "Maths" soundth ath if the thpeaker hath bit of a lithp...

Teabag wrote:
As for the Welsh, well I live in a town called Wallasey. In early times it was known as Walea. Roughly translated as Island of the Welshmen. We were cut off on three sides by water and the other by bog. The Taffy's must have got here in boats then. Takes about 20 minutes drive to Wales but if they built a bridge, the sheep would be safer but we would have to lock up our men! Very Happy

So all you stalwart Englishmen aren't able to resist a short burly little Welshman hell bent on...well....finding a replacement for his sheep, let's say? I'm shocked! Totally, as you would say, gob-smacked. I thought you all had more vim than that! Smile
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